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Psychic Gateways - Course Tweed Valley NSW (near Byron Bay)

The Psychic Gateways course will develop the foundations on the way to mastery of self-empowerment. The tools that you will learn are practical, a collection of things that work over Penny’s lifetime - and the results are undeniable.
In this course, you will learn:

1. Hebrew Words of Power
2. Divination & Intuition
3. Archangelic Energy
4. Colour Vibrations
5. Essences & Nature Devas
6. Karmic Completion

An affordable 6 lesson course - held one day a month, over 6 months.
Penny structures the lessons in a way that is easy to absorb – you learn the background and the science behind the magic, then you get to try it out and see the results for yourself! She offers gentle guidance and support, belief in your abilities and a good dose of humour in between.
Embark on this incredible journey and learn the tools to transform your life.


See Pictures of Health for an example of spiritual tools created by Penny using the above elements.

Reiki / Skhm (Seichim) Training

This is an easy-to-learn healing energy for all – young, old and in between. Experience this beautiful energy that provides deep healing and peace – what you give to others in healing, you experience ten-fold through yourself.
Penny holds a great respect to the traditional teachings and offers authentic attunements for this combined energy. An energy combination that complements and enhances each other – a gentle power pack of energy.
Her humble commitment and respect for this powerful energy cannot be denied. Learn with Penny in a no-fuss, down-to-earth environment that offers gentle support, guidance and unconditional love.

Reiki / Seichim is taught over each of the following courses:

• First degree (1 day)
• Second degree (1 day)
• Mastery
• Master Teacher

You can learn Level 1 or continue onto mastery. The attunements will blow your socks off. Experience using the energy on the first day. Learn symbols to enhance the healing in the second degree.

To read more about this specialised training please see the Training page.


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