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Reiki & Seichim Training Overview

Reiki and Seichim are taught in combination in all training workshops. The reason for this is that one of the energies seems definitely masculine whilst the other is distinctly feminine. The two energies are in harmony and enhance each other. The rating of levels is difficult as Seichim works in Facets whilst Reiki operates on levels.

To simplify this conundrum of words I simply label the seminars First Level, the next one is Practitioner Level followed by Self-Mastery and Teaching Mastery.
Both First Level and Practitioner Levels are two-day seminars.

There is only one reason to take on Reiki and Seichim training and that is the candidate wishes to help him/her self. It is no use having lofty ideas that you want to help others, you cannot honestly do so unless you have first trodden the path to healing yourself. Heal Thyself and you heal the world.

The duration of both Masters training is determined individually and suited to the personal needs of each candidate.


Reiki & Seichim First Level - $175

At this level the candidate received four attunements given separately over the 2 day period. These attunements are designed to awaken dormant energy fields encoded within all of us and allow them to be used consciously. The new energy field acts as a receptor for other more powerful healing energies coming in from higher realms. Healing energies are many and varied, Reiki and Seichim are but two of those that are available to us.

The candidate learns the history and philosophy of both Reiki and Seichim and is guided through the awakening of their healing talents. The hand positions are taught for both self-treatment and treatments to others.
There is a 21-day clearing period after each level.

First level must be undertaken to be eligible for practitioner training.


Please email to register your interest if you would like to take this training. Email

Practitioner Level (Level 2) $300

This level allows the candidate to practice professionally the healing arts of Reiki and Seichim.

There are two attunements given over the 2-day period.
An extra attunement is also given at the end of the seminar. This is the Angelic Attunement that allows each participant a permanent spiritual connection to the Archangels.

The candidates are taught the symbols that fine tune the energy to vary its application. The symbols are essentially tools in a tool kit.

Students are also taught the art of absentee healing and given practical experience during the seminar.


Please email to register your interest if you would like to take this training. Email


Masters $900

Self Mastery may take a lengthy training period of months or alternatively the candidate may whiz through it in no time at all. It depends entirely on each candidate and where they are on their journey. Self Mastery is not for the faint hearted, there are guided meditations that allow one to confront the shadow issues. Even the two attunements bring up a 21 day clearing period after each one.

There are four mandatory treatments given with this training. A Masters healing is given several days prior to each attunement and then another a week later.

Self Mastery training is a prerequisite for Teaching Master training.


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Teaching Mastery - Payment By Negotiation

The candidate must apply for this training giving reasons for their application.
Guidelines for this training are given upon application for consideration.


Please email to register your interest if you would like to take this training. Email