I have had the pleasure of having Penny Chesney of Globalight as my tutor for Reiki 1, Reiki 2 and Psychic Development recently. Penny is a very spiritual soul and I canít thank her enough for broadening my life and leading me down the road to enlightenment. Her courses are a must for anyone wanting the perfect spiritual guidance. Ring Penny to add true magic to your life.

- Robyn Koning


Penny is a light amongst illusions. She stands strong in what the Spirits have reminded her of and she carries her responsibility with pride and humour, amongst other qualities. Her unwavering faith and trust in that which science has yet to fully prove has helped me to feel more confident in my endeavours.
- Che Stow


I first met Penny nearly a year ago, after visiting her website and being impressed by the artwork (which I later learned was her own) and workshops she was running, I rang her and we chatted for over an hour. I knew I had stumbled on someone quite unique and special. I was drawn to her down to earth, genuine, no fuss approach, not to mention her great sense of humour, I felt as though I was talking to an old friend.
I have attended several of Penny`s workshops and my wife and I have had many healing treatments by her with amazing results.
Her experience, wisdom and knowledge of shamanism and the spiritual realm truly astounds me, she is living proof that someone can retain and recite such a vast field of information. She has opened my mind to a labyrinth of information and possibilities with a new and exciting way to view our world.
Thankyou Penny, you truly are an amazing shining beacon of light and I am deeply grateful to have crossed your path.
- Brad Sarson


Penny Chesney: What a wonderful teacher, mentor, guide and healer, all in one. As soon as you meet Penny you realize that she has lived the joys, pains and sorrows life offers each of us during our brief visit on earth. But she has distilled all of those experiences. What is left now is a knowing that holds wisdom, compassion, innocence, wonder and happiness. She touches the hearts of those who come to her with a lightness that strengthens our will, and engages renewed trust in the love and power within that is part of our birthright. This is a process that occurs effortlessly in her presence, innocently and joyfully, ‘at play’ one might say: a true gift!
Thank you Penny.
- Angela Hass


I truly thank God Penny for meeting you and for removing whatever was in my field although things are pretty much the same my energy and perspective towards them is not and I feel like a different person.

- Romero - USA.


Deni Richter, Founder of the World Tarot Network, Los Angeles


I have worked with Penny Chesney for over a year now. Her card and interviews are on my web site. Being as I am in the healing industry, metaphysical industry, health industry, I know that when I deal with Penny Chesney, I am dealing with a very strong professional.


Not only is Penny Chesney professional, she is a very deep empath. She can tune into anyone she is working with, in another level many others can't see or even understand.


Her work with the Angels, and beyond , is so soothing, and wonderful. Penny Chesney's cards depict this. I could feel everything she experienced through her cards.


Although, Penny Chesney and I have developed a friendship, when it came to her talents it was entirely on a professional level.

It has been my pleasure working with Penny Chesney, and I expect it to continue.


Deni Richter.



Scott - Tweed Heads

Wow!!!! What an amazingly talented lady, spiritually and artistically.
Prior to getting my first reading from Penny I was skeptical of all in that industry. But now after experiencing the teachings and guidance from Penny I realize that the limits we have as human beings are endless if we only care to put our minds, commitments and love into it.

Penny's knowledge, experience and help on so many subjects is astounding to say the least.

Thanks Penny for encouraging me to start my spiritual journey.
Regards Scott



Helen H - Murwillumbah.


I did not meet Penny Chesney by chance, it was meant to happen.

The Shamanic treatments I have received from Penny have enabled me to realise that I am a worthy soul. They have also enabled me to release all the pain, anger, guilt and resentment from continual physical, emotional and mental abuse during my childhood & teenage years.


Thanks to Penny and her 'Angelic Team' - I feel so much lighter and now able to move on with my life in a much more positive way and to realise that I AM worthy of love and light.



Absentee Treatment
Cath Gry


After a traumatic event I recently experienced I just couldn't stop myself reliving the experience over and over again. I was also feeling tired and run down, having trouble sleeping through the night and just generally down. It was suggested to me to try an absent healing treatment which instantly felt like the right thing to do.


I have always been a big believer in alternative remedies though had never really given absent healing any thought in the past. After emailing Penny we decided on a time when she would do the treatment and I would just lay down and receive it. At the beginning of the treatment I immediately felt the healing energy flow through me. To begin with I got very hot (it was cool morning at the time and I was wearing light clothing), this only lasted a minutes, I became very relaxed and felt as though my body was floating. I could really feel that the angels were at work - even though my body was floating. At one point my lips tingled as if someone kissed me. It didn't take me long to drift off to sleep, I woke up about an hour later feeling super relaxed and like a weight had been lifted from my shoulders.


Since the treatment I have not had the traumatic experience plaguing me and I no longer have any trouble sleeping - and I'm actually remembering lots more dreams than I used to. The treatment has me feel a lot happier all round.

Penny wrote down a heap of notes while doing the treatment which were nothing short of amazing. By tapping into my energy she picked up on a lot of things about me which were just spot on! Penny just seemed to know everything that was going on on inside me, physically, emotionally and spiritually.

The treatment was a great success for me and I would recommend it to anyone in an instant - whether you're open to that sort of "stuff" or not it doesn't matter, it can work for anyone.

Cath Gyr.


Day Dream Drawing & Angelic Tarot
Renae Hayard

I wanted to write a note to express my appreciation for, and astonishment of the Globalight Angelic Tarot Seminar that you recently delivered in South Australia.

I found the seminar extremely informative, answering many questions that I did not know I had at the time. The combination of essences, attunement and Tarot certainly unlocked areas of my psyche I never knew existed. Your sensitivity and credibility to address the individual needs of the participants was invaluable and a pleasure to witness.


The meditation experience was profound. Following the meditation I was amazed at how focused each participant was on the artwork. As a trainer previously, I only wish I could have delivered the same effect during my courses. The colours and the symbols were surreal. I found the links between each participant's artwork and their cards quite unusual as you assisted them in deciphering the symbolism they themselves had produced. Without realising it, we were pinpointing areas of our lives that were relevant at the time.

I cannot thank you enough for this wonderful experience. I look forward to participating in more of your seminars in the future. Thank you.


Yours sincerely,

Renae Hayward (Adelaide).