Globalight Tarot - Major Arcana

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Tarot Major Arcana. Image is the Dragon Moon.

The Globalight Angelic Tarot


The Globalight Angelic Tarot cards - major arcana, is the result of research into the pathways of color vibration found within the Tree of Life from the Kabbalah. Both images and explanations were received by channelling using the appropriate pathway color vibrations as a focus.


Globalight Angelic Tarot - is unique in that it is also based on the color vibrations encoded in our unconscious minds. These vibrational colors are the 'language' of spirit, emotions and physical well-being. Theories originally put forward by Carl Jung see a number of different psychological and physical colour healing modalities gaining acceptance in our modern time. On the other hand, many shamanic-based spiritual practices are 'woven' in vibrational colour. It

is a language that links us to our own Higher Consciousness and Beyond.


These cards are also used as a means of receiving communication from both the Archangelic Realm and the Devic Counsels of Nature.


For this reason the cards are multifaceted. The cards can be used by readers or as a practical tool for personal growth or by alternative healing practitioners - either within the structure of the treatment session itself, or as a tool to assess the energy needs of the client.


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Globalight Tarot - Major Arcana