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Thou Thyself the
Object of Thy Self

The layout that I offer is one that has been channelled in the same manner as the Globalight Tarot itself. It is called "Thou Thyself are the Object of Thy Search".
(Quotation from Madame Helena Blavatsky - Co-founder of the Theosophical Society). It originally came through as a channelled image that I assumed was to be a painting. It was only after I had completed the artwork that I realised I had been given a layout to go with my cards.



The readings enable the energy surrounding a particular situation to be discerned and noted (and given in a written report in the case of absentee readings).





Card 1

The energy that surrounds the client at the present.

Card 2

The cross that we bear. (This can either be a life's burden or a spiritual calling - the cards will decide).

Card 3

What binds us to that cross.

Card 4

The patterns we must release.

Card 5

The positive change we must bring in to improve our lives.

Card 6

What grounds us - our earthly matters, issues of security, job etc.

Card 7

Raphael's Gift of Healing - advice to advance physical / spiritual / emotional healing.

Card 8

Uriel's Gift of Earthly Connections - advice on how to improve the running of our day-to-day lives.

Card 9

Gabriel's Gift of Flowing Emotions - advice on how to retain a sense of inner peace and calm during our troubled times.

Card 10

Michael's Gift of Action - advice on how we should proceed for further clarity and/or resolution.

Card 11

Metatron's Gift - this card is read in concert with card 12

Card 12

Shekinah's Gift - these two cards, read together as one, give advice from the Divine Source about our spiritual journey.

This reading lasts 60 minutes. A typed manuscript of the reading is then emailed to the client.