Penny Chesney


Penny Chesney has been involved in metaphysical research for twenty years.
Now as founder of the Globalight Experience, she offers treatments, readings and training in a wide range of alternative modalities gleaned from different ages and different cultures right around the Globe.


Some of her spiritual tools have been channeled through Archangels and other Beings of Light.

All of her spiritual artwork is channeled and involve vibrational colours for their healing qualities. Penny developed her Globalight techniques through her own journey back from family tragedy and chronic ill health to a state of spiritual awareness and communication.

During the course of her journey Penny discovered that she was an ‘involuntary shaman’. In other words one who can naturally journey to other realms and perceive other realities in vision state. This ability awoke in Penny during her visit to the Indians in Santa Fe, NM, in 1987.

Her interest in vibrational colour arose from miraculous experiences that she had during a course of altered-state grief recovery.
The success of her own journey is evident in her artwork and in the production of the Globalight Angelic Tarot – Major Arcana, a tried and tested tool for spiritual self-advancement using colour vibrations. Penny has also been commissioned to produce her spiritual artwork for several publications and a retreat for the chronically ill.

Penny operates the Globalight Experience from her New South Wales property in the Tweed Valley, the location of many powerful earth energy sites.