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About Shamanism

Shamanism is not a religion but a spiritual calling. It is based on the philosophy that everything is a part of the Creator - every tree, every creature, the elements, the sun, moon, the planets, even the four elements themselves. Everything is sacred and behind what appears to the external observation as inert or mindless, is a supportive energy that is not only intelligent but cognisant and communicative.


The Shaman not only believes in parallel realities but is able to travel or interact in these other realms. This is done in the vision-state brought about through deep meditation and/or ritual practices.


The Shaman's role in history is "called" to his/her vocation, often through a near death experience or some deep and profound tragedy. It is for this reason that Shamanism is also called The Path of the Wounded Healer - from suffering comes profound wisdom and knowledge.

The knowledge of the shaman is consistent right across the planet. The basic structure of shamanism is the same from country to country, despite geographical isolation. The Path of Shamanism is as old as humanity itself. The amazing and beautiful cave paintings at Lascaux in France are the work of the Paleolithic shamans and have been a mystery since their discovery inasmuch as they display a definite understanding of the science of perspective yet this aspect of art did not develop in our modern world until the mid-15th century.


What is a Shamanic Treatment?


A Shamanic treatment is a multi-dimensional experience. Not only does it work within the world of matter (the body) but it also affects our energy on many different levels from causal to etheric. So emotions can be calmed, the body brought back to a healthy rhythm and energy levels raised as a result of this treatment. "Heavy" energy is released and replaced with vital lighter energy that is beneficial to the recipient's health and emotional well-being.


The Shaman works with the recipient yet at the same time 'travels' the Pathways - in other words the practitioner works in vision-state and is often able to perceive more than one level of existence/reality at the same time.


The Shaman uses many sacred tools. These can range from crystals, feathers, sacred amulets, herbs, tinctures, essences and colour. These tools are usually 'found' and rarely 'procured' and are considered to be sacred gifts from the Divine.


The Shaman is both servant to the people and servant to the Divine as well as a mediator between the two.


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