Globalight Essences
Songs of the Earth:















"The Golden Throne" - Striped Golden Bamboo


In the second vision the emphasis appeared to be escape from dark heavy energy and moving toward the Light with appreciation of the natural glory that surrounds us. A safe refuge was provided within a thick copse of striped golden bamboo. The emotions of trust and loyalty came through in this vision.


This was accompanied by a deep sense of awe and appreciation for the etheric power and beauty of nature.

These two essences work as a team and therefore are marketed as a set complete with copies of the images/colour vibrations that support each essence.
During trials it became apparent that whilst working through the 18-day course that a second full course taken back-to-back with the first would ‘lift’ the recipient in a double spiral.

The overall effect we found was a general improvement to personal attitude with life’s circumstances taking a definite turn for the better. Many colleagues, students and clients who tested this essence combination returned to ask for it several times more over the next 4 months. This happened because they could recognize the improvements that each cycle has wrought in their lives. One person commented “When you are onto a good thing, stick to it”.

The first essence Glory in the Light can bring you face to face with personal issues – some that you thought that you had already dealt with in the past. Emotions can be a bit stirred for a day or two. Dreams also can be odd and disturbing. But toward the end of the 8-day course you begin to reap the benefits as everything around you begins to miraculously improve and you feel your emotions/self-image/energy levels begin to climb. This is further enhanced during the following10-day course of The Golden Throne that somehow brings in joy to your heart, spring in your step and a little bit of serendipity where you find yourself in the right place at the right time by sheer ‘coincidence’. The Divine Guidance that came through with this particular essence was that it allowed the takers of it to operate in harmony with their own God-Selves.