Globalight Essences
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"Glory in the Light" - Night Blooming White Convolvulus


The instructions for the making of these essences came from Divine Guidance after personally praying for protection and also to allow for the opening of abundance on all levels (spiritual, emotional, physical, material), basically to release the need for suffering.


The essence making instructions came through in two separate visions.
In the first vision there was an ugly pile of dead, half-burnt logs and tree stumps that were suddenly covered with a convolvulus vine that burst into shining white bloom as the night became darker. This vine totally covered the log-heap and was so thick with flowers that no dead wood could be seen. Ugliness transformed to beauty.

The energy of this essence helps one to release the negative patterns that prevent one from moving forward and do so in a positive and energetic manner. To do this we sometimes have to deal with confronting the ‘dark night’ of the soul but this is dealt with in small doses at a time so as not to make it overwhelming.


The first essence (Glory in the Light) can bring you face to face with personal issues – some that you thought that you had already dealt with in the past. Emotions can be a bit stirred for a day or two. Dreams also can be odd and disturbing. But toward the end of the 8-day course you begin to reap the benefits as everything around you begins to miraculously improve and you feel your emotions/self-image/energy levels begin to climb. This is further enhanced during the following 10-day course of The Golden Throne that somehow brings in joy to your heart, spring in your step and a little bit of serendipity where you find yourself in the right place at the right time by sheer ‘coincidence’. The Divine Guidance that came through with this particular essence was that it allowed the takers of it to operate in harmony with their own God-Selves.