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Globalight Essences


Before I describe the Globalight Essences I feel it is appropriate to talk about what an essence is. I find that many people not only do not understand what essences are, they also do not know how they work, how they are made or how they are taken.

What is an Essence?
I think the best way of describing essences, whether spiritual or homeopathic, is to say they are “energy re-balancers”. This energy can be emotional, physical or even spiritual.

How do they work?

Essences work by giving some of our glands a positive boost and these glands govern a range of different functions in our brains and our bodies. So it is important that the essence be administered correctly to facilitate this change. The vibrational energy of the essence is absorbed by our oral digestive system – in other words the mucus membrane in our mouths, most of which are located under the tongue.

How do you take them?
The drops are taken on a clean palate, are placed under the tongue and held there to a count of at least 30. A clean palate means that there is no taste at all in the mouth. If you can taste something then you are still digesting.

How do you store them?
Essences are ‘vibrational’ remedies and are very sensitive to light, temperature and aromas. So they are best kept in a cupboard away from incenses, perfumes or any other strong smelling article.

How are they made?
Essences are made of many different things, plants, crystals, shells, etc. .All of them have a different vibration and a different function.

What we are actually doing when we make an essence is capturing the energy pattern given off by the molecular activity of the matter being used and imprinting it on water molecules. Many of us have read the research by Japanese scientist Emoto who has shown that water molecules can be imprinted easily by sound waves. Essences are a vibrational imprint using matter and Alchemists are not adverse to making essences using sound either.

It has been pointed out that some of the plants that have been made into essences are deadly poisonous and this is quite true. People have been using essences for a long time now, even the late Queen Mother was a great advocate of homeopathic remedies, and no one has been poisoned by them. It is the vibration we capture, there is no vegetable matter in an essence at the dosage strength. It has been diluted to the point that if you had the essences analysed using traditional methods the results would state that the bottle contained nothing but water and alcohol (preservative). Why then do 10, 20, or even 100 essences taste different from each other even though they are made from the same water and preservative? Because they all have a different vibration and that is the key component of each essence.