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The effects of vibrationbal color

Vibrational Color -and the Aura-Soma Light Beamer Pen


Magic Square by Penny Chesney

For the past 30 years there has been much scientific research conducted both in Germany and Russia into the field of projected vibrational color as a tool for realignment and healing. This research has indicated that the cells of our body communicate via light, in fact the Kaiserlueten University in Germany

discovered that our cells actually communicate with each other using small particles of light called photons.


Another researcher, Pete Mandel, discovered that acupuncture meridians can absorb and transmit coloured light within the body. Mandel’s findings have been supported by the Institute of Clinical Experimental Medicine in Nowosibirsk in Russia. They too have found that meridians channel light.

By using projected color vibrations on the meridians, personal energies may be modified or enhanced thus removing densities within our subtle fields. The subtle bodies consist not only of meridians and nadis but may also feature all manner of scars, crystallisations and blockages.


Peter Mandel developed the Light Beamer Pen over 30 years ago to use with a selection of 10 different color vibrations that were aligned to different meridians. He selected these 10 colors by researching thousands of cases of different clinical conditions using Kirlian photographic techniques.

The system that is used as part of the Globalight Experience is the Aura-Soma Light Beamer Pen system with a selection of 36 vibrational colour combination capsules. The Aura Soma range was developed by Vicky Wall, a British Pharmacist and Seer. Those who have seen the beautiful jewel-like colours of her range of healing oils will be amazed to know that Vicky created this range after she went blind and was guided to make them through prayer.

Penny Chesney has developed her own system for using the Beamer Pen, incorporating the use Reiki, Seichem and Karuna Ki symbols within the treatment.
The results have been extremely positive and beneficial to the clients’ overall well-being.

Penny offers treatment using the Beamer Pen and works either in person or in absentia (distant healing).