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Creativity Class Overview

Both of the following classes have evolved from Penny Chesney’s tertiary research into the source of creativity in the unconscious mind.
The meditative foundation for these classes was originally developed by Helen Bonney, a psychiatrist from Marylands, USA, and is part of the Accelerated Learning techniques taught by Dr. Geogie Lozanov.


Day Dream Drawing


This is a two-day seminar.

On the first morning we learn new art techniques. I teach a scrape-back technique that allows for fantastic effects. The drawing that emerges from under the paint just positively glows with it’s own light, very satisfying when trying to portray that the subject is ‘other-worldly’.

After a mid-morning break, we embark on our first creative journey. The class is guided through a very loose but projected imagery in which students journey through their inner ‘safe haven’ and then by using colour vibrations, journey on into their inner Higher Realm. The psychological symbology of this experience was the subject of my Degree Thesis.

The students then launch into their drawings the moment they return from this meditational journey using the techniques they had experimented with earlier. I am on hand to assist with any practical problem. The drawing is then painted over and left to dry while we break for lunch.

In the afternoon we scrape back the paint to reveal the drawing – from here we can add other materials to enhance the effects. We can cause parts of the drawing to fade and enhance others to be a focus of the work.

Day two is much the same as day one, except now the class is familiar with the techniques and the day flows faster and smoother. There is plenty of time to spend enhancing this second work so this becomes the ‘major piece’.

Due to the nature of the seminar, I limit the numbers I take to twelve.
I am prepared to travel to other countries to spread this technique for accessing hidden inner wisdom and talent. I consider this process a ‘Gift’ and recognise its value to the planet at this point in time.


This two day workshop is offered at $175 which in includes a $25 materials levy.

Lunch: Please bring a plate of food to share.


Please email to register your interest if you would like to take this training. Email


If travelling to a foreign country, there would need to be sufficient seminar bookings to warrant the cost of the travel.


See the student work from past events: Student work.



Globalight Angelic Tarot Workshop

The Globalight Angelic Seminar is a marrying of the Daydream Drawing techniques with the Angelic Tarot cards as a focus for consciously working with Angelic Energy using colour vibrations. This allows the students to access areas of deep spiritual insight and understanding.

This is a two-day seminar with ‘homework’ to practise on the intervening night .
In the morning of the first day I conduct a talk on working with Angelic Energy using colour vibrations. At this time I teach a few mental/spiritual ‘exercises that create a stronger link to the energy we are seeking. We also ‘play’ with the materials so the students become familiar with the creative possibilities available to them.

I then divine a card from the Globalight Angelic Tarot for each participant. The imagery of this card is incorporated within the meditational journey – this narrows the focus of the vision-imagery to a specific area of the Soul’s Journey that is usually the cause of any ‘blocks’ that the participant is experiencing. The imagery from this meditation becomes the subject for the painting.

At the end of the day, I allocate the ‘homework’ and prepare each student for it with an Angelic Attunement Process. This connects each student directly to the Angelic Energy that will remain in place for 24 hours.

Each student is given a small poster of the card they have been working with during the day. This poster has the words of the appropriate Angelic Prayer printed under each image. The student is to take from the Prayer an affirmation that they repeat mentally, combined with the imagery, as they fall asleep – this stimulates dream activity and ‘stirs up’ the unconscious mind.

The next morning we have a sharing of the previous night’s dreams and experiences. This leads to the divining of new cards to indicate how the previous day’s work has lead to a spiritual progress. This card then becomes the focus of the day’s meditational journey and the resulting artwork.

This seminar is limited to twelve participants.


This two day workshops is offered at $175 which includes a $25 materials levy.

Lunch: Please bring a plate of food to share.


Packs of the Globalight Tarot will be available for purchase at these seminars if the participant does not already have them. Also posters of the image relating to the two cards worked with will be available for purchase at the seminar.


Please email to register your interest if you would like to take this training. Email


See the student work from past events: Student work.