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Pictures of Health constructed uniquely

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Please contact Penny in the first instance if you are interested in ordering a personalised image.


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Art for the Subconscious Mind - Pictures of Health


Specialised images - constructed to suit individual challenges

Globalight Pictures of Health are a powerful tool for working with the subconscious mind, reprogramming our thought pattern to a more positive frame of mind. They assist in resolving stubborn states of mind no longer beneficial in our life by working with issues at the subconscious level.


Each image is created specially for a particular individual through the ancient art of scrying.


Content of the Images

The symbol at the top of the image is the Sigil of the Archangel that governs the energy of change. This will be in the correct colour vibration for the respective Archangel.

The inner frame is in the sacred geometry shape applicable to the individual's needs.

The two main colours are based on the vibrations of the two chakras that need energising within the individual.


The animal, bird, plant, insect, reptile or marine creature that appears in the image represent the energy of the Devic Counsels of Nature whose energies fine tune the necessary adjustment.


The Hebrew Talisman is one of the "Seventy Two Sacred Names of God" from the Esoteric Kabbalah, each of which has its own energy that deals with the changes needed in the individual's subconscious mind.


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All images are small in size approximately 15cm x 21cm (size A5) and drawn on paper.

Please contact Penny if you wish to have a personalised image made. Once confirmed then go to Ordering and select "Picture of Health" Add to Cart (under Globalight Products). Each personal image is priced at $75 AUD or $71.50 USD plus postage.