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The effects of vibrationbal color

Art for the subconscious mind - continued...


The subconscious mind has its own language made up of symbols and colour rather than words. Our dreams are an example of this, they are the result of the subconscious mind reprogramming itself of the stress we take on board during life's ups and downs.


There are many ways of working with the subconscious mind to improve the way we think and feel and colour therapy is one of the most powerful of these methods.

Working with colour vibration can totally improve the client's immediate reality, once we are in balance ourselves then our reality is balanced.


This easy to use, simple method of improving our overall outlook has been tried and tested with many people with profound results. Some have reported a complete change to their reality in a matter of days.


What to Expect


Immediate reactions to the shift in consciousness brought about by using the images vary from person to person. Some people experience heightened dream activity, others experience deep, relaxing sleep and other report having restless sleep patterns.


Irrespective of the individual reactions, all clients have reported a noticeable improvement to the way that they feel or how others relate to them - and in a very short period of time - usually within 3 days, a shift in reality is experienced. The needs of the client are ascertained through the ancient art of scrying.


These images are used for dream work or as a visual focus for meditation. Study the image and commit it to visual memory then hold this image in your mind as you fall asleep or enter the meditative state. Your mind may drift, if it does then do not be hard on yourself, the mind will ramble along unless you take control over it. Just bring your mental focus back to the image - after practice the exercise becomes easier.