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The Archangels - The Eighth Choir

There are many orders of Angels. These orders are sometimes called Choirs in Christian doctrine while other cultures and faiths have different names for them. Each Choir has its own energy and its own purpose. Here we deal with the Eighth Choir – the Archangels.


Literary confusion

Many books in publication about Archangels have conflicting information that is confusing to those searching for truth.
The gender of various Archangels has long been a topic of contention. Christianity represents the Archangels as being entirely masculine. You must remember that this religion is strongly patriarchal. There are many Archangels who are definitely feminine in nature but really these are beings of pure energy. They do not have a physical form as we recognise it so it is an abstract point as to whether an individual Archangel is masculine or feminine. However, when dealing with these Divine Beings they will often place a picture of themselves in your mind. This image will have a gender and the way the Archangels depict themselves in these visions is usually part of the message they convey.

My advice to those who wish to work with Archangelic energy is simply accept what you receive with gratitude. Do not be confused that your personal experience conflicts with what is written. Don’t try to analyse nor judge the help/information that you receive. A prerequisite for working with Archangelic energy is Trust. However, if your inner ‘guides’ start encouraging you in negative emotions then seriously question the source of those voices. Higher Beings will NEVER encourage you to stay in a negative emotional space. The raising of Forgiveness is both personally empowering and liberating – this is the message that the Archangels bring to everyone in general.


Working with Archangels

I offer a ten-step plan for working with Archangels and provide this document to whoever asks for it. It is up to you as to how much time energy and space you provide for Archangelic Communication.


The first list of Archangels that I provide below are those that most frequently make contact with humans. The second list provides the Archangels whom we work with in the healing modality of Seichim. At practitioner level of Seichim training there is an Angelic Attunement ritual given (developed by Vincent Aramador) that is part of this seminar during this which the candidates are individually attuned by 10 different Archangels who awaken us to different aspects of our Divine Connection.



Archangel: Michael
Element: Fire
Colour: Red
Ask him for: freedom from fear and self doubt, strengthening your faith, perfection of your soul, protection from physical and spiritual dangers, inspiration for leaders, improvement of government.


Archangel: Jophiel
Colour: Yellow
Ask him for: wisdom, illumination, understanding, connection to your Higher Self, help in absorbing information, freedom from addictions, dissolution of pride and narrow mindedness, exposure of wrongdoing in government and corporations, help in fighting pollution and cleaning up our planet.


Archangel: Chamuel
Colour: Pink
Ask her for: love, compassion, mercy, creativity, dissolution of feelings of selfishness, self-dislike, self-condemnation, and low self-esteem; protection from malice, slander and misunderstanding; inauguration of new friendships and relationships; repairing of damaged relationships; finding a suitable job, locating lost objects, healing of racial and ethnic tension.


Archangel: Gabriel
Element: Water
Colour: Aqua
Ask her for: guidance in creating your spiritual life, revelation of your life's plan and purpose; dissolution of discouragement; joy, happiness and fulfillment; help in establishing discipline and order in your life; organisation of your emotional, mental and physical environment; help in organising peace-keeping operations, distribution of food and medical assistance; relief for victims of natural disasters.


Archangel: Raphael
Element: Air
Colour: Blue
Ask him for: wholeness, vision, spiritual insight, inspiration of truth, healing of body, mind and spirit; inspiration for the study and practice of music, mathematics, science and both traditional and alternative medicine; meeting of physical needs such as food, clothing, shelter, tool of your trade; repairing of rifts between nations; healing of those injured on battlefield, inspiration for new cures for diseases.


Archangel: Uriel
Element: Earth
Colour: Green & Ochre
Ask her for: inner peace, tranquility of spirit, untangling of knots of fear and anger in your psyche, renewal of hope, peaceful resolution of problems in personal, social and professional relationships: help in creating a harmonious environment for nurturing creativity and growth; inspiration and help for nurses, doctors, teachers, judges, public servants and all who serve others;
ending of war, bringing of peace, promotion of brotherhood understanding, manifestation of divine justice in courtrooms and between nations.


Archangel: Tzadkiel
Colour: Violet
Ask him for: soul-freedom, happiness, joy, forgiveness, justice, mercy, dissolution of painful memories and negative traits; tolerance, diplomacy, inspiration for scientists, engineers, architects, actors and performers; dissolution of memories of strife between nations and ethnic groups, inspiration for the creative negotiation and writing of laws, regulations, fiscal and economic policies, trade and peace agreements.


Seichim Archangels - with Hebrew meaning


Michael (meaning “Who is as God”)
Specific aspect: Strength & honour.


Gabriel (meaning “Power”)
Specific aspect: Resurrection, Mercy & Revelation.


Raphael (meaning “Shining One who Heals”)
Specific Aspect: Healing, Love & Devotion


Uriel (meaning “The face of God)
Specific aspect: The Fire of God, Psychic Phenomenon


Sariel (meaning “God’s command)
Specific Aspect: Healing & Faithfulness


Raguel (meaning “Friend of God”)
Specific Aspect: Guardian & Friendship.


Jarameel (meaning “Mercy of God”)
Specific Aspect: Guidance & True Visions


Raziel (meaning “Secret of God”)
Specific aspect: Divine Mysteries & Knowledge.


Jophiel (meaning “Beauty of God”)
Specific Aspect: Awareness, Enlightenment, Open-mindedness, Freedom of Thought, Beauty)


Tzadkiel (meaning “Righteousness of God”)
Specific Aspect: Mercy & Righteousness





The Archangels