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Absentee Reiki Treatments


Absentee reiki treatments are exactly what they say – the ability to send healing energy over vast distances to the benefit of the recipient at the receiving end. Information that I pick up in vision-state during these treatments is passed on to the recipient at the end of the session. This information is often helpful with advice on an on-going self-help programme.


How does it work?

Many People have asked me how do absentee treatments work and there are two distinctly different answers as far as I am concerned.

The first answer is my “logical/analytical, left-brained answer”.
To really understand one needs to study aspects of Quantum Physics that work on the principal that matter is an illusion and is in actual fact, energy in stasis. This can be verified through modern research using electron microscopes. At a sub-molecular level everything in existence is nothing more than pure energy and energy has links to other energy, so can in fact ‘travel’. This enables those that can use their own energy to consciously ‘travel’ in a bid to assist others who live at great distances, even on the other side of the planet. Distance is no object for energy.

My second answer is my “spiritual right-brained answer”.
Within each of us is a Spark of the Creator. You have a Higher Soul Self and so do I. I ritually and spiritually connect with my own Higher Soul Self before I commence any treatment whether it be an absentee or a ‘hands-on’ treatment.
When I am ‘summoning’ the recipient into the proxy that I am using I call on their Higher Soul Self to be present. The Higher Soul Self is an energy being and therefore is not bound by the rules of physical matter, it can ‘travel’ whilst still being connected to the physical body. So the Higher Essence of the physical person is in fact present within the proxy that I work with and is receiving the treatment directly from my hands. The physical person however always feels the treatment is taking place, sometimes reporting feeling my hands on them despite living thousands of kilometres away.
So essentially what is happening during an absentee treatment is that our Higher Soul Selves are working together and our physical selves are going along for the ride.


Absentee Readings ~ How does it work?

The answer is again linked to our Higher Soul Selves as well as Quantum Physics.
I summon the Higher Soul Self of the client to be present during the reading and work with this energy.

The Globalight Readings analyse the energy around the client and a pendulum is used to ascertain the polarity of that energy – positive or negative.