The Planet Earth is currently going through massive changes - a raising of energy levels and energy awareness.


For only two thousand years have we believed that the planet was God's gift to humanity to use for our own ends. Just look at the results of that belief system. Look around you and see what that arrogance has done to our main source of sustenance and stability in such a short span of time. As we poison the planet - so too do we poison ourselves.


It is time for humanity to remember the Truth - that we were placed here to nurture the planet and be nurtured by the Earth in return. The ancient Hebrew name for the physical plane is 'Malcuth' that literally means 'Kingdom'. The Creator's Kingdom - not humanity's!


It is time to see a bigger picture, it is time to step back into our roles as sacred caretakers of this wonderful world. To achieve this will require a lot of healing and adjustment both for ourselves and for the damaged earth.


Globalight's vision is to bring as many people as possible to the point where they deeply understand their personal connection to the Divine Source and know beyond a shadow of doubt the sacred role that the Planet Earth plays in the Big Picture. This knowledge has to come from within and Globalight offers to assist those who wish to seek it in finding the way.


Come! Allow us to open your Inner Eye. Allow yourself to see what a glorious child of this amazing planet you really are. Remember what the Archangels say to us all: "If you knew just how much we love you, you would not treat yourselves so unkindly".